During the routine patrol of a rural middle eastern village, sides are blurred when a horrifying transgression robs a middle eastern mother of her only daughter and causes latent repercussions which threaten to tear a US soldier’s own family apart.


RAW is more than just a film. This challenging subject matter brings to light the cultural madness which has been silenced for so long. A moral scourge that not only affects our society; but also our military.


Sexual assault has been allowed to run rampant within the armed forces. Whistleblowers have been victim-shamed, dishonorably discharged & even killed for their bravery & refusal to stay quiet. These injustices have been perpetrated upon our troops & until now, most have turned a blind eye. However, the question begs: Who is responsible for protecting those tasked with protecting us?


RAW aims to address sexual assault inside the US military and further be a catalyst for change.


Authenticity and aesthetic quality were crucial in the execution of this project. In order to convey the most realistic perspective, the production team interviewed real women of war prior to shooting the film. The acting lead is a 4 year Marine veteran who brought her own insight to the role and in order to capture the the crippling dissonance created from these experiences, drew upon her past incorporating accounts of those she served alongside. Together these soldiers tell a compelling tale of trauma & abuse at the hands of those whom they were taught to trust with their lives.


                                                                                                                  JOANNA KOSS – PRODUCER 

RAW is a glimpse into the everyday war a soldier may face abroad and back home. For those coping with MST, the war may end, but the battle is never over. As much as this story revolves around war, ultimately it is about love. The maternal love which knows no boundaries nor borders, the enduring love that creates empathy and compassion for our common humanity in uncommon territory, and the resilient love which not only has the power to forgive atrocities beyond our control – but can also instill hope in those who need it most. 


Countless civilities are stripped away during war time; this nakedness offers insight into human truths which can only be seen when the social masks are removed. The story of RAW came about in order to examine the ‘shocking truths’ of MST in their barest form. Furthermore, by telling this story utilizing mirrored images within the cinematic-language, the metaphor becomes clear – revealing the wound two mothers bear and the scar that binds them.


We may be born to different lots in life (place, religion, and class), but we are nevertheless connected by the same familial wants and needs, and it is those similarities which can bridge the gap between us.


I’ve devised the scenes to support continuity between antithetical shots; this way, our audience will better appreciate the common thread between two separate stories, spanning different times, culminating at a shared event. My aim is to confront audiences with a tragic epidemic that is virtually absent in cinema and have further attention brought to the issue of MST, sexual harassment, and assault in hopes of strengthening preventative measures.


                                                                                           DRAKE SHANNON – WRITER | DIRECTOR


The visual and technical approaches to this film are unique and at the same time reinforcing to the narrative. That is, it is a series of moving images without dialogue, relying instead on the conveyance of human emotion and a god-like eye to speak where words fall short. By not having any specific language, this film will not be limited to any linguistic borders and can be seen to the same effect by any country for maximum exposure.

The creative and executive team behind RAW passionately believe this is a story that needs to be told. Our goal with RAW is raising awareness and shedding light on true events. 


The intention is not only to make a breathtaking film that confronts viewers with hard truths but to do what we can to shed awareness and help people heal at the same time. 


Currently, our team is developing  a social impact platform to educate the global public about military sexual trauma.