U.S. military has the highest rate of post-traumatic stress disorder in its history.
17% of the military is composed by Women.
Until recent time, the military’s men have been the only ones on the front line and on the news.
It’s time to change that.

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of Women SOLDIERS have  suffered Sexual Trauma

The symptoms of PTSD are often associated with America’s front line combat units, which until 2015 have been completely made up of men. However with an increasing number of women now serving the U.S. military, including as front line U.S. Army Officers and Marines, more attention must be paid to the increasingly high percentage of female service members who suffer from PTSD.

Women currently comprise 17% of the U.S. military personnel and are the fastest growing group of military veterans. According to PTSD United, 71% of these women develop Military Sexual Trauma(MST) due to sexual assault within the ranks, unwanted sexual activity, insulting sexual comments or unwanted sexual advances. Military.com reports that women are twice as likely to develop PTSD than men. Tragically, women are also more likely blame themselves for trauma experiences then men.

The department of Veteran affairs notes that while 20% of female veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan experience PTSD, that number is also rising. PTSD amongst women generally arrives from four major stress factors including combat operations (11% of Afghanistan/Iraq veterans are female) sexual assault, feelings of isolation and worried about family back home.

While women continue to be integrated into front line combat roles, they have already been exposed to increasingly hostile situations involving urban warfare in the past two American overseas campaigns. Receiving hostile fire, returning fire and seeing casualties are issues that bother many veterans. As female service members continue to increase in number, so will their risk of PTSD.

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 female veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan experience PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a major issues for female soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Changing The Narrative With The Power Of Storytelling

The creative and executive team behind RAW passionately believe this is a story that needs to be told.

Our goal with RAW is to raise awareness for female  soldiers and mothers who are afflicted by war. The film is glimpse into the true stories of courageous veteran mothers and a cause to directly benefit attached charities.
RAW is a based on a composition of true stories – women who served our country as well women in the Middle East who live in a constant state of WAR. This is a project dedicated to shedding light on what truly unites us and on the RAW human qualities we all share.

Before 2015, very few were aware of how many female veterans committed suicide. Now, researchers are examining the issue, and the numbers are staggering: Female vets are six times more likely to commit suicide than their civilian counterparts, and the number has grown steeply over the past decade. A female veteran with MST & PTSD is rarely discussed outside the veteran circle. Every veteran suicide is a tragic outcome. Regardless of the numbers or rates, one veteran suicide is too many.