Founder and CEO of ModernUnited, Joanna Koss’ career has spanned over two decades with experience on both the production and finance sides of the film industry. Since childhood, Joanna immersed herself in film and New York City theatre, studying with legendary coaches Wynn Handman and Susan Batson. Always an avid learner, she attended college as early as sixteen years old, enrolling in Harvard before independently studying in various parts of the world – including France, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Upon graduating from Columbia University, she moved to Los Angeles and immersed herself in the film industry as a creative, producer and entrepreneur. She has produced a number of films since 2015. In 2016, Koss founded ModernUnited with a vision for integrity, a high standard for genuine business strategies, and a focus on high quality artfully original productions with significant revenue projections.  She oversees management and production, develops content, scouts for projects and guides the future goals of the company. A first generation American, Joanna grew up watching both of her parents build companies successfully from the ground up. She believes in the dedication, hard work and perseverance that they instilled; today, Koss strives to make a social impact with an eye for bold content that both challenges and entertains.